NextGen Surge Protector

Sale price$229.00


Next Gen's Multi-Stage technology provides the most advanced protection available to safeguard equipment from harmful surges, spikes, over/under voltage, inrush current, and electrical noise that can cause equipment error codes, malfunction and downtime.

Its analytical software monitors, gathers, and analyzes electrical data and enables customized settings, allowing service teams complete control of the power situation at their installs. Data is interpreted into key metrics and trends that are available via downloadable reports. The software also identifies the potential cause of a problem and translates that data into recommendations on how to resolve the issue.



- Measures neutral to ground voltage and line frequency metrics

- 60 time stamped events

- Downloadable reports

- Customizable settings

- Multi-Stage power protection and conditioning technology

- Catastrophic over/under voltage shutdown

- Inrush current elimination

- Remote access capable with optional Remote Portal module

- Android App available


** standard 15 amp ** other sizes available, please call! 

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